List of activities carried out from Dr. K.C.G. Verghese Charitable Foundation


  • An amount Rs.15,000/- was given Mr. Robert Gnanaraj, Administration staff of KCG College of Technology, Karapakkam for his medical treatment.
  • An amount ot Rs.25,000/- has been given to Mrs. Sagunthala, mother of Driver Kanagaraj, for her medical treatment.,Adyar.
  • Rs.50,000/- was given to a Computer Science & Engineering student of Anna University Mr. Vigneshwaran, for his medical treatment..
  • For the Cochlear Implantation Surgery of Ms.Sreeja, an amount of Rs.10,000/- has been given
  • An amount of Rs.5,00,000/- was given for establishing a "Cardiac Unit" at Ranny Medical Mission Hospital, Kerala
  • An amount of Rs.25,000/- was given to the medical treatment of Mrs. M. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Manickam, working in KCG College of Technology.
  • An amount of Rs.1,00,000/- was given to Dr. A.M. Chinnappa, Arch Bishop of Madras - Mylapore Diocese for the Archbishop's medical fund
  • An amount of Rs.35,000/- has been paid to Madras Medical Mission for the medical treatment of Mr.E. Subramaniam, Father of Mr. T.A.Joseph Johnson


  • For the construction of a Block at Marthoma Vocational Higher Secondary School, Kunnam, Kerala, an initial advance amount of Rs.5,00,000/- was given to the Principal of that School in the month of February 2007
  • An amount of Rs.15,300/- has been given to Mr. Gopi, Driver for his daughters' educational expenses.
  • For the construction of a School Building of the Marthoma Vocational Higher Secondary School at the native place of the Founder Chairman, Dr. K.C.G. Verghese, Kunnam, Kerala, an amount of Rs.10,00,000/- was given for this project and the school building was inaugurated on December 28, 2007
  • In the last University examinations held in May 07, 11 students from our Group have secured University ranks. Two students from HCE - Mr. Sourav Banerjee (BE Aero), Ms. A. Jenitta (ME Computer Science), one student from HCAS - Mr. Vjinu Ben Kurien (B.Sc - Electronics Media) - have secured university 1st rank, have become eligible for Rs.1,00,000/- each from our Founder's Charitable Trust. Others will be given cash awards, as already announced last year by the Chairperson for their meritorious performance.
  • An amount of Rs.13,000/- has been given to Mrs. Pushpa for her daughter's Educational expenses.


  • An amount Rs.10,000/- has been given to M/s. Musi-Care Cultural & Charitable Trust for the music Programme in the month of April 2007
  • An amount Rs.1,00,000/- has been given to The Rt. Rev. Dr. Sundar D Clark for his Chennai Ecumenical Music Fellowship programme

Community Service

  • For the construction of a Chapel at the Kilpauk Cemetery, an amount of Rs.9,00,000/- was donated and the Chapel was inaugurated in September 2007 by the Arch Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. A.M. Chinnappa. Madras - Mylapore Diocese
  • Roof for Roofless - a scheme formed by the Rt.Rev.Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus, Suffragan Metropolitan consists of houses for the poor at Kerala. For this an amount of Rs.9,00,000/- has been given.
  • For the procurement of Haemodialysis machine, which was installed at TANKER Foundation, an amount of Rs.5,50,000/- has been paid in the year 2008 & Rs.6,00,000/- in the year 2018
  • Rs.20,000/- was given to the leprosy patients of New life Church, Chengalpattu for the purchase of books & new clothes in the month of December 2006 & 2007
  • An amount or Rs.27,000/- was given to the leprosy patients of M/s.lnmates Welfare Association, Burgur, Krishnagiri District for the purchase of clothes & books in the month of January 2007.
  • An amount of Rs.10,000/- was given to the leprosy patients of M/s. lmmanuel Leprosy Patients Rehabilitation Welfare Society, Deviyakurichi, Salem District for their purchase of new clothes fur Christmas celebrations
  • Rs.50,000/- has been paid to Ms.Bindhu Sebastian for her marriage expenses.
  • Rs.15,000/- has been given to the Mar Thoma. Voluntary Evangalist' Association for AMM Bible Institutions