• To encourage the spread of education in all facets including aeronautical, aerodynamics, mechanical and pilot training courses which were dear to the late Dr.K.C.G. Verghese. It, also envisages encouraging sports and extra curricular activities among students.
  • To institute scholarships and prizes in cash or in kind, shields, trophies to encourage students in schools, colleges and all educational institutions in various faculties, games and sports, music, fine arts and extra curricular activities.
  • To award grants, assistance, subsidy, scholarships and interest-free advances to needy, poor, meritorious students and to general public for various purposes like medical assistance, houses to poor and other activities for public good.
  • To extend general relief and assistance including medical or otherwise to the members of the community, to the underprivileged and needy, mentally and physically challenged, orphans and destitute of the community at large and for that purpose to own, support, maintain hold or run centers, clinics, old age homes and the like.
  • To institute, arrange and conduct guest lectures, speeches, seminars and conferences on various topics and also particularly in the filed of aeronautical, aerodynamics, mechanical, management and pilot training courses in memory of late DR.K.C.G.Verghese.
  • To publish, circulate, support or arrange for the publication of books, journals, periodicals, brochures for the benefit of public in general and students in particular.
  • To feed the poor and needy on the birthday and death anniversary of late DR.K.C.G.Verghese and / or on such other dates or / and occasions as the Board of Trustees may decide and on those days to undertake charitable activities for the poor and needy.
  • To pay, contribute funds to any charitable institution having similar objectives as those of this trust, thereby, indirectly carrying out the objectives of the trust.
  • To provide fees, stipends, books, food, clothing, medical aid for the indigent students, scholars, teachers and those associated in the field of education including aeronautical, mechanical and airline industry without any restrictions in regard to caste, religion or gender in India.
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