When God grants you dream, remember he has prepared the furnace for the gold to be purified. Dr. K. C. G Verghese had the dream and was ready to walk to the furnace to achieve success.

"I did not come to Chennai a rich man. I came as an ordinary person, in fact, like a man on the run. The early years were difficult indeed. Many a time I was depressed and dejected, but I never gave up the struggle. I held on to my dreams. Perhaps it was the early victories that gave me an incessant supply of hope"
- Dr. K. C. G. Verghese

Dr. K.C.G. Verghese’s autobiography narrates how a simple village boy driven by a passion for automobiles and airplanes, paved the way for the Automobile Revolution in India, vociferously advocated delicensing of industrial production, Open Sky Policy, and was the prime mover behind the privatization of engineering education in Tamil Nadu
-Dr.C.Chendroyaperumal, Management Consultant